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we work alongside you to provide the highest quality life, disability, and long-term care insurance and annuity plans

As leading independent insurance brokers, our professionals work alongside financial professionals, attorneys, and their clients to provide the highest quality life, disability, and long-term care insurance and annuity options available on the market. We do not manage money, we work alongside your client’s team of professionals.

Our team analyzes your client’s needs to identify any risks within their business or financial plan. Once risks are identified, we work closely with the nation’s largest providers to implement the strategy best suited to your client’s needs.

You can trust that we will always operate with 100% transparency, clearly presenting solutions to your clients so they are able to make a fully educated decision regarding their insurance needs.

Step-by-step we guide you and your clients, from the initial assessment all the way through the application and underwriting process.


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independent insurance is important

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The market is constantly changing. With that, so do the demands on insurance policies and the needs of clients. We understand the necessity of evaluating the performance of your client’s current insurance policies to ensure they are providing the most beneficial and comprehensive coverage. After analyzing the current policies, if any risks or issues are found, we will come up with a plan to restructure your client’s coverage to ensure maximized benefits.


insurance strategists

Eryka Morehead

founder + visionary + insurance strategist

Austin Hultquist

senior insurance strategist

Sunny Avalos

insurance strategist


operational support

Justin Morehead


Mykala Stava

chief financial officer

Julie Behrends

integrator + vp of business development

Lindsay Malone

client service coordinator

Heather Schmit

policy coordinator

Travis Shoemaker

policy management specialist

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Shannon McNeil/Collaborative Insurance Solutions has assisted me with several clients over the last two years. Shannon’s level of expertise in selecting the most effective products and the best company to deliver those products at a preferred price, along with her personal touch, elevate the added value we deliver to our mutual clients. Once a referral is made, Shannon takes control of the process from beginning to end. However, she keeps us up do speed with weekly updates and will involve us in any communication that is necessary with our clients. Shannon has assisted our clients with many different insurance products and all have given her rave reviews!

Dean Jacobsen, Wealth Advisor – Northwest Wealth Management

What impresses me most about Eryka and her team is the energy and drive to get things done. A meaningful plan requires a workable checklist, a timeline, and follow-through. Eryka’s clients enjoy her expertise and advocacy, and take comfort in knowing that the planning will get done well and in a timely manner.

Dan Waters, Attorney – Lamson Dugan & Murray

Thanks Shannon! We may be biased but we also think they are a pretty great team. You have no idea how appreciative Jena and I are of you spending this time with our teams to help educate them. We are doing our best to coach them to have deeper conversations with clients in an effort to make sure we are identifying all the risks in their life and not just ones that can be covered by P&C insurance but at the end of the day if they only have a surface level understanding (at best) of those risks it is hard for them to be identifying them with clients. This conversation definitely helped to open their eyes about how many types of products there are and that life insurance is not just a one size fits all approach! These conversations also help to demonstrate that Collaborative has the same values and beliefs as EN when it comes to how we engage with clients.

Jena Stroud & Krystle Hogan, Ellerbrock Norris

When identifying an insurance professional to work with, first and foremost among your criteria should be selecting someone with integrity and competency.  Eryka and her team at CIS exhibit these characteristics in spades.  I’ve worked with Eryka and CIS on dozens and dozens of cases and never once felt that she pushed a product that wasn’t a good fit for the client.  Eryka knows her industry as well as anyone I’ve worked with and brings that expertise to bear for the benefit of her clients.

Brandon D. Hamm, Attorney - Koley Jessen

Over the last 15 months I have had the pleasure of working with and getting to know Eryka Morehead, President of Collaborative Insurance Solutions. I’ve been in the insurance and financial services industry for over 30 years and in all my time and experience I’ve not seen the expertise and professionalism that Eryka and her team have provided to our firm’s clients. They excel in communication, follow-up and being sure we are always putting the clients wants and needs above anything else. As a fiduciary for the client I rest easy that Collaborative carries that same commitment in their business and with my clients. From the simplest of term cases to the most complex estate or business planning, I have complete assurance that we have chosen the best team for the insurance area of our practice.”

Wealth Manager, Managing Director

CIS has proven to be a true partner when it comes to utilizing insurance solutions for our client’s needs. I can confidently present insurance solutions that meet my client’s specific situation because CIS is doing the necessary due diligence in the insurance marketplace. For example, knowing which company’s underwriting guidelines are going to be most favorable to the client, which riders will provide additional options to meet client needs, or which version of a product will provide the necessary coverage.

Steve Ryherd, Financial Advisor – Verdant Wealth

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We work alongside you to provide the highest quality insurance policies for your clients.

we do insurance differently

You can trust that we will always operate with 100% transparency; clearly presenting the solutions that fulfill your client’s needs so they are able to make a fully educated decision regarding their insurance needs.

Step-by-step we guide you and your clients from the initial assessment through the application and underwriting process.